CSS FOC 2016 Testimony: Isaac

“You are joy, you are joy,
You’re the reason that I sing” 

-Forever Reign by Hillsong

 Isaac FOC

Joining the Music committee for this FOC was not a hard decision to make, in fact, it was almost an instantaneous decision for me. When I heard that they were looking for sub-committee members for this FOC, I immediately felt drawn to the music sub-committee. This was despite having had no experience playing for Praise and Worship (P&W) and only playing a few times for Mass. Somehow, I just knew that this was what God called me to do, and personally I felt that since I had a good experience as a freshman for my FOC, why not pass it on and help make it a good experience for the freshmen this time around?

What surprised me was how much it proved to be one of the highlights of my faith journey and my spirituality. During music practices leading up to FOC, I initially felt overwhelmed by the sheer number of songs that the worship team was playing. I did not normally listen to praise and worship songs, so it was quite difficult to adapt. Thankfully, I had a fantastic worship team, who guided me and were very accommodating and Spirit-driven.

During FOC itself, God’s presence was truly with the worship team. Through the sessions each day, as I heard the voices of the participants fill the room with wondrous praise while I was playing my bass guitar, I felt amazed. Every person in the room was so willing to lift up their voices to worship Him. I understood then how my playing was an example of how I was just a vessel for the Lord to help others.

On the second night of FOC, during the Rite of Reconciliation, the worship team had to play for over three hours. Yet, we stayed strong. Towards the end, I remember a moment where the worship leader transitioned into a song that we had not practised before. Although I was initially caught off guard, I stayed calm and let the Lord guide me. It was that moment where I was playing, while the voices of the participants swelled, that I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit move through everyone in the room. It was a beautiful moment, and one that I would describe as a highlight of my faith journey, as I had never felt that feeling before.

I have always felt that music was one of God’s most beautiful creations, and it was really affirming to experience that through playing for this FOC. Truly, God moves in mysterious ways.

Isaac is a Year 1 going on Year 2 Political Science Major (and hopefully a History minor!) who was on the Music Team during this year’s FOC. It’s very fortunate that Isaac was able to encounter God much more deeply through his service during the FOC and thanks to him and many other talented brothers & sisters who contributed their musical gifts, the P&W sessions were really made that much more poignant and meaningful. If you see him around when school starts, don’t hesitate to wave and say hi to him!