CSS FOC 2016 Testimony

To me now, community is another type of experience.

I had an unexpectedly meaningful time at FOC. So if you’re wondering if you should turn up for FOC (or some other CSS activity) and happen to be reading this, stay with me.

I wasn’t exactly enthusiastic about going at first, and entertained the idea of just staying home instead. I was involved in church ministry, but wasn’t really into the idea of a youth community. I listen to and play music a lot, but am not really into P&W. Previous events I had attended consisted of seemingly everyone around me enthusiastically waving their arms about while I awkwardly mumbled and shifted my feet left and right.

But the people in my life told me that it was a good idea to be connected to the university community, and a senior convinced me that I should at least give it a shot. So I went, with the intention of getting to know the people around and experiencing some activities here and there.

FOC turned out to be a pleasant surprise. The people I met were warm and welcoming (extra thanks to the seniors btw!) and I did learn many things about myself as well as gain exposure to the numerous insights kindly provided by others. I would say this alone would be a good reason to go, because now I realise that it’s good to hear stories other than your own.

During the very first sharing, I somehow managed to share a personal opinion/viewpoint which I had never shared with anyone before. That was unforeseen, and I would wonder later how it even came out of me at all. As the days passed and we did more listening, commenting and sharing however, I came to better understand what having a community is like. To me now, community is another type of experience. I realised I was missing the point earlier on when I was reluctant about the the whole idea of being reliant on a community and all that. It’s just…not about that. You can journey on your own, and you can journey as one of many companions too. You can do both at the same time. Different things can shape and enrich your faith journey. It’s hard to put into words…but anyway I’m glad that I made that first decision to join.

On top of that, God even gave me a P&W moment:) During Eucharistic Adoration, Beautiful Saviour started playing and I was captivated by both the melody and words. (I was very happy when the music team played it for the second time later, haha) It resonated with me, and the entire song and its message simply clicked with all that was in my head and heart at that moment. It was moving, and I felt a deep sense of connection. Thank you!